Freedom Songs

I remember the first time I rolled my windows down, blasted my Spotify playlist from my speakers, and sang along like nobody was listening.

I was driving through Orange County, inevitably caught in traffic, with plenty of other cars beside me with their own windows open. Before that day I would never have been caught having that much fun out loud where other people could hear me. Instead, I would have jammed out inside my car with the windows shut tight, making sure not to dance too much in case anyone in the intersection saw me.

But that day was different.

That day was a sunny 73 degrees, lightly breezy, and beautiful. I didn't have to walk into someone else's office and sit in a computer chair crunching numbers for hours on end. I was my own boss, in charge of my future, and I felt ALIVE deep down in my soul. For the first time in a long time I felt like ME.

And I wanted to let the world know.

Today, almost two years later, I still love to do that.

I do it when I'm happy. When I feel like I'm on top of the world. When nothing can bring me down. When I've had a particularly amazing day...

And I do it when I feel broken and stressed and worried and need to remind myself WHO I AM, what plans the Lord has for me, and of the JOY that is always within me waiting for me to call it forth.

I sing especially loud then.

Windows down, curious passerby and all.

Enjoy my favorite playlist of the moment, "Freedom."