You Need to Find Your Biz Besties

Hey, friends!

Today I wanted to talk to you about something that has changed my life. Well... a few someones, actually. 

I call them my Biz Besties. 

  The Biz Besties' first-ever meetup at The Beach House! (January 2016) From left to right: Treacy, Alicia, Shaina, me (Kristen)

The Biz Besties' first-ever meetup at The Beach House! (January 2016) From left to right: Treacy, Alicia, Shaina, me (Kristen)

We all met in the same branding school two years ago as we were working on our small businesses. While shooting a brand film for Treacy my friendship with her blossomed, and after seeing with my own eyes that online friendships could turn into flourishing ones in real life, I started interacting with more people in the group. This is how I got to know Shaina and Alicia better.

At the end of 2015, Treacy decided to see if anyone from our branding school would be interested in renting a beach house the following January to spend a few days together in Northern California. In the end, four of us were able to make it, and it was there that I got to meet Shaina and Alicia for the first time in person. 

That week at The Beach House turned out to be so perfect for all of us. It was a place of healing, a place of rest, a place of creativity, and a place where new ideas started to form (especially over "Tubby Talks" in our broken hot tub--ha!). We had late night talks and super-yummy food and came up with way too many quotable inside-jokes. 

After we went home, our friendship continued to deepen and strengthen. We started a group text which eventually evolved into a Slack channel (seriously, Slack is the COOLEST APP EVER) and we've been a tight-knit accountability group ever since. We ask each other for advice in business, provide feedback and verbal processing space, support each others' dreams and visions, and share life stuff over Google Hangouts whenever we're free. 

They've totally changed my life and business for the better and I could not express the depths of my gratitude and love for them.

Here's why you need some Biz Besties of your own:

  1. You need cheerleaders to lift you up.

    When you're starting something new or chasing a calling God's placed on your heart, very often you'll find yourself swimming against the flow of "the norm." In the best situations, family members and friends are totally in your corner. Sometimes, however, family and friends may be scared, frustrated by something "different" that they don't understand, or unsure of how to support you. Good Biz Besties will "get it" since they walk a similar path, act as shoulders to lean on, and uplift you when you need a boost. Not to mention, if you're launching something new, they will be your biggest fans from the very beginning... and Lord knows when you're in the midst of a launch you need as much optimism around you as possible!
  2. You need someone to lovingly push back when you're spiraling.

    Sometimes a voice of reason is just as powerful as a voice of encouragement. I can't tell you how many times I've needed my Biz Besties to pull me out of panic mode, gently confront me when I'm making hasty decisions, pray for me when I'm overwhelmed, and generally help me reset. They've helped stop me from quitting at the wrong time, set boundaries with myself and others when I've struggled with people pleasing, and have lovingly asked me, "How can you try this a different way?" more times than one. As a result, I've made wiser decisions, learned how to set myself up for success, experienced greater levels of creativity, and picked myself up every time I thought I was done for good. 
  3. Life is richer when you're surrounded by a caring community.

    When you know you have a team of amazing boss babes beside you and behind you, your confidence skyrockets. Your joy expands. Your experiences are more meaningful. Your virtual hangouts have the power to make your whole day greater. Your in-real-life hangouts light a fire in your soul. Your ideas are more vibrant. Your productivity soars. And you'll wonder how you ever did life without them.

Ultimately, I think it points right back to this verse:

"A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken." - Ecclesiastes 4:12 (New Living Translation)

  The Biz Besties at our second-annual hangout in San Fran! (February 2017)

The Biz Besties at our second-annual hangout in San Fran! (February 2017)