Your Name is Not Failure

I remember thinking in eighth grade that by the time I was twenty-five, I'd be married, own a house, and be wildly successful in a cool career.

And yet...

Today I'm twenty-four. Just three months away from my twenty-fifth birthday. I rent my home with a roommate, I'm not married (there's not even one potential at the moment!), and I definitely don't feel like I'm wildly successful.

In fact, because I haven't met these highly unrealistic expectations, lately I've felt like I'm failing.

We all struggle with feelings of failure from time to time, don't we? And those feelings quickly turn into doubts. Here are some of mine:

What if I can never afford to move into my own place? 
What if I never move out of this little town that feels so abrasive to my soul?
What if I never find a great guy who loves me for who I am?
What if I never get married at all?
What if all my dreams totally crash and burn?
What if I accidentally pursue the wrong thing and I miss out?
What if I mess up this calling God has given me?
What if my identity becomes Failure?

I'll be completely honest with you: I wrestle so much with these thoughts. I don't want to fail. I don't want to be known by my failures. 

But God says that my identity is not rooted in what I do. What I achieve. What I know. What I become.

My identity is in Him alone.

I'm His daughter.

He loves me. Wildly. And that is enough.

It makes me enough. 


If I never get married, if I never get to leave this town, if I never achieve what I consider to be success in business... it might hurt, but it will never rob me of my identity. 

God has called me His. And that will never change with the tide or the seasons or the ebbs and flows. My name is not Failure. And neither is yours.

Our name is Beloved.

He loves you, friends. He loves you so much. Endlessly. And there's not a thing you could do to change that. 

Thank God.