An Intentional Bedroom Revamp

When I moved out of Orange County last May, my excitement zeroed in on one thing: After six years, I would finally have my own bedroom again.

I had moved to the OC in 2010 for college and bunked in a dorm with many different roommates for the next four years. Then, after graduating in 2014, I shared an apartment with four of my friends for the next two. Needless to say, I was ready for some space.

I was ecstatic. I didn't know what to plan first... My bedroom color scheme, any big purchases I'd need to make (like an oscillating fan for the desert's hot summers), or how I'd decorate my first non-shared bathroom. It made my Pinterest-lovin' heart explode with options! 

But even as I planned what I call "the fun stuff," I knew I needed to think about my bedroom as an intentional space in my home. What did I want it to feel like? What power did I want it to have? How would it be different than other rooms in my house?

After giving it some thought, this is what I came up with:

1. I wanted my bedroom to be a place of rest. 

I wanted it to be a place where I could escape the noise of day-to-day life, a place that was quiet, a place where sleep came easily, and a place that felt like I could take off my burdens and embrace peace.

2. I didn't want it to become a makeshift office.

During college and the two years after I graduated, I shared space with two to four other girls at all times. Because living was so cramped, I often did a lot of computer work in my shared bedroom. This overwhelmed my brain, made me feel like I was always on the clock, and made it easy to justify late nights binge-watching Netflix since my computer was already there.

3. I wanted it to have the power of fostering good conversation.

Something I DID love from my dorm-room days were the moments when friends would gather, pile into a room, and talk until the early hours of the morning about anything and everything. I loved that feeling of fellowship and close community and wanted to bring that to my new home.

So here's what I did to achieve these things:

For a restful room...

  • I made it a point to choose cozy, soft blankets and a comforter in neutral, peaceful colors.
  • I let myself go pillow-crazy to boost comfort, and picked lots of pillows in a pretty color scheme that would complement all of the neutral bedding. My goal is for my bedroom to be the comfiest one on the block. ;) 
  • I regularly bring new candles (with subtle scents) home to light when I'm reading or winding down after a long day.
  • I surround myself with signs and art pieces that proclaim truth, peace, and positivity. 
  • Since reading and journaling are ways I love to rest, I keep a few books, a journal and Bible, and a pen on my dresser in easy reach.

To eliminate the temptation of working in an area of rest...

  • After talking with my roommate prior to the move, we both agreed that we would use the third bedroom in our home as an office and guest room. This lets me keep my office behind a door that I can shut when I'm finished working, and helps me stop working at night when we have guests over.
  • I intentionally set a rule for myself that I am not allowed to bring my computer into my bedroom UNLESS it is solely for movie-watching purposes. This was hard to get used to at first and I still struggle at times, but fortunately the temptation to work from bed happens a lot less now!

To foster good communication...

  • I moved a cozy armchair into my bedroom, gave it its own pillow, and set it up next to my bed. Whenever my roomie (who is one of my best friends) or I want to talk about our days, want to brainstorm fun plans together, or need moral support, my bedroom is a good place to sit together and connect. 
  • I keep a box of tissues on my nightstand in case any visitor needs to cry, let it out, and breathe. Back in college, there was a semester where I didn't have a roommate yet so I had an extra bed. I called it my "therapy bed" since so many friends came to let out their feelings and all of them would subconsciously lay on the extra bed while doing so. It made us all giggle and helped us feel safe, so keeping a box of tissues in my room today is my nod to the past. 

So what about you?

What spaces in your room have been intentionally set up around a feeling, need, or desire? I'd love to know what room that is for you, what you wanted it to feel like or have the power to do, and how you achieved that! Let me know in the comments below!