Make Reflection Time Work for You

This post is written as a follow up to my recent blog post, The Thing About Seasons. In that post, we talked about particularly hard seasons of life and received encouragement to press into Jesus in those moments to deepen our intimacy with him. You may want to read it as a companion to this post.

Now, back to the post at hand!

When we go through hard seasons in life, it's really easy for us to check out mentally.

After all, most of the time those seasons are completely EXHAUSTING. Not only are we experiencing a record-setting level of anxiety about whatever the situation is, but we also have to tend to our friendships, family relationships, businesses, and basic needs. This is SO stressful and let's just clear the air now: NOBODY HANDLES ALL OF THIS LIKE A BOSS and if you think I look put together in my moments of chaos, please know that at least one of those facets of my life is taking a hit for it.

Read: I may look like I'm holding it together but I may be a total stress-ball at home, not sleeping through the night, and not spending enough time with the people I care about. You just never know.

Something that is absolutely crucial when going through times like these is setting aside intentional time to reflect on what's happening, what you're feeling, how you're doing with it all, and what lessons you might be learning.


Most times when we're exhausted, adding one more thing to our plate seems INSANE.

I know. I get it. I've been there.

That's why it's important to choose a way to reflect that WORKS FOR YOU, and not for another person WHO IS NOT YOU.

For example:

  • If you hate journaling, DON'T CHOOSE TO JOURNAL.
  • If you get easily distracted while reflecting at your favorite coffee shop, DON'T CHOOSE THE COFFEE SHOP.
  • If you can't deep think while sitting still, DON'T SIT STILL.

Choose what WORKS, not what will exhaust you, distract you, or confine you. Choose something that you will actually LOOK FORWARD TO.

  • If journaling isn't your forte, try a different form of getting out your thoughts. Write a poem, make a collage, reflect as you create a watercolor painting, get alone with God and sing-pray, or set aside some time to bake by yourself.
  • If you know sitting in a crowd will distract you, find some peace and quiet away from the noise and flurry of people.
  • If you can't sit still don't shame yourself! Head to a park, explore nature, or go hiking with a friend you can talk to about it.

Here's the bottom line:

Reflection time is SO IMPORTANT because it gives us a timeline and history of our growth, not to mention it's also a great memory tool for helping us not make the same mistakes twice. It is NOT one size fits all. It can and should be unique to you and your needs.

If you plan to reflect in a way that you hate, you're planning to fail. So make sure to plan with intention and purpose.

What are your favorite ways to reflect during your hard times? Let us know! Someone could be looking for a new way to process and you could be such a good help to them.