Is your content aligned with your biz culture?

One of my heroes in the biz realm is Sandi Krakowski. I love her no-B.S. approach to business and the fact that she isn't afraid to bring her faith to work. In fact, her faith is completely on display on her social media profiles and website. She makes no effort to hide it and instead embraces it as a major differentiator that sets her business apart from competitors. I love that she isn't afraid to attract the right tribe so boldly. After all, that's how she captured me! 

Something Sandi mentioned recently that's got me thinking is the term "culture."

Every business has an internal culture (think about the ways team members interact with each others or clients, and the employee "dress code") but they also present an external culture, or a particular way the business feels to its clients, tribe, and prospective followers.

When done right our external biz culture should influence every post we make, the products we sell, the services we provide, and the way we interact with the people who follow us online. This gives us the accountability we need to make sure we're staying true to our biz foundations because the vibes we give off WILL attract people who identify with that vibe, and if we're not careful to consider our biz culture, we could unintentionally begin to attract the wrong crowd.

If determining your biz culture is hard to do off the top of your head, I understand! When thinking about Kindred's culture, I was stumped at first too. To identify my biz culture, I decided to reflect on a simple list of beliefs and values that make up the foundation of my business. This may have been an exercise you completed when you were first starting your business. Don't be afraid to reach for your old notes!

Kindred Cinema's Founding Beliefs and Values:

  • Authentic and transparent

  • Positive and hopeful

  • Personal and relationship-based (people first)

  • Friendly and kind

Based on that, this is what the culture of Kindred Cinema should look like on my social media feeds:

An encouraging and honest space devoted to serving others in relational ways.

To make sure I'm on track and truly embodying the Kindred culture in all of my online posts and interactions, I can ask myself some questions:

  • From an outsider's perspective, AT A GLANCE, what vibe do my social media feeds give off? For example: On Instagram, do the colors I use and subjects of my photos give off the feeling I want? On Facebook, do the graphics I share and titles of my videos seem to be aligned with that feeling? Don't read into the details yet, just keep it at a quick glance!
  • When read in detail, do my posts match with my brand's values and beliefs? For example, do they feel like they are written to a friend? Are they optimistic or negative? Have I been putting up a front of perfection or have I been honest in the things that I share?
  • Last and most important, what are my followers saying about Kindred's culture via the comments they leave, ways they engage with me, and posts of mine they love the best? Do they leave comments to commiserate, or do they leave positive responses and seem to be challenged in a good way by my content? Do they "like" my personal (non-sales) posts or do they tend to ignore them? What content of mine gets the most views? What are they literally saying in their emails to me? 

Ready to check in and see if you're on track with your own brand culture? Jot down these easy steps and take some time to reflect and make a plan. 

Step One:

Create a quick bullet-point list of your business' foundational beliefs and values. 

Step Two:

Take a peek at each social media channel and see 1) what general vibe your feeds give off from just a quick glance and 2) if the majority of your posts actually match with those values and beliefs when you view them in depth.

Step Three:

Compile a list of phrases and key words your followers have been using in their comments, messages, and emails to you. Are they in line with how you want your followers to feel about your content? Do they frequently tell you "I needed to hear that message so badly! Thank you!" or conversely, are you hearing crickets? Something in the middle?

Step Four:

Create an action plan to adjust based on your findings. Have your posts recently gotten off topic? Find a way to get back on track. Are your followers desperate for more personal posts from you? Write and schedule a personal post or two for this week. Do your clients ask for tips often? Plan a helpful Facebook LIVE event to teach them the ropes! And if you're noticing that the followers who are most vocal on your feed are NOT your dream clients, consider ways you can refocus your content to cater to your dream clients instead. 

So I'm curious. What's your business culture? How does your content embody that feeling? I want to know! Leave it in the comments below so we can talk about it!