Small Beginnings: The Ones That Last

I call myself a "MONDAY-GIRL." 

A new exercise routine? I'll start it Monday. Cool idea for a project? Onto Monday's to-do list it goes! Fell off the healthy meal wagon on Thursday? This week is a total flop. I'll just start over on Monday. 

Sound familiar? 

Along with being a MONDAY-GIRL, I'm a GO-BIG-OR-GO-HOME kinda girl. I'll have a lofty vision that I naively think I can conquer on my own (setting myself up to burn out fast and crash hard), or I'll decide to tackle a new habit by charging into it full force (not giving myself room for baby steps or grace). Every single time, these GO-BIG decisions end in dramatic destruction.

So how can this BIG-MONDAY-GIRL ever achieve her goals?

By starting small, and starting now. Even if it's Tuesday.

One of my absolute favorite Bible verses is Zechariah 4:10:

"Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin." 

It's a verse I keep coming back to project after project, habit after habit, life change after life change. Its truth keeps me in check when I am tempted by flashy promises of overnight success, immediate gratification, or big results with little effort. 

And not only does it remind me that small beginnings are well-balanced and will be more fruitful in the long run, but that God rejoices even over baby steps. He doesn't criticize me for taking a small, teetering step towards a goal... He celebrates it. 

After all, if I can handle one baby step, another will follow. And isn't that the way lasting habits are built? With patience?

Journal prompts for fellow BIG-MONDAY-GIRLS:

  • What is a change you've been longing to make, a habit you've been meaning to start, or a goal you want to achieve?

  • How can you take one small step TODAY, RIGHT NOW to get closer to your goal?

Note: Even if you're tempted, DO NOT overthink this. A baby step is called a baby step for a reason! Keep it bite-sized and manageable, take the step, and then celebrate!