Perfectly Imperfect

Life is messy. That's just a part of the deal. 

So naturally, humans are messy too. And the things we create? Also messy.

I learned this firsthand when setting out to write and launch my first ever eBook. I had such a huge vision for what I wanted to teach you all about iPhone videography and I remember feeling so overwhelmed with ideas, that I convinced myself I was stuck and just stopped working.

In my mind, if I couldn't make this book absolutely perfect, it would be a flop. 

In late January, I took a trip to Santa Cruz with three of my biz besties (Treacy, Shaina, and Alicia). I was only a few weeks away from the launch date of "Invited In" and I was still stuck. I hadn't finished writing, gathering beautiful images, or sending it off to be proofread. I wondered if I would make it by launch day... and if I didn't, if I would disappoint you. 

Fortunately, being surrounded by the genius and gentle brains of those ladies was just what I needed to pick myself back up and keep going. They reminded me that because this was my very first eBook, I should expect it to be messy. That instead of feeling bummed about it, I should let that give me freedom to explore my wildest ideas and see how they panned out. 

So I plunked down on our rented beach house's daybed, sans makeup and shaved legs, and kept writing. Kept winging it. Kept pouring out my heart and packing value into that book like my life depended on it.

For the next two weeks I was glued to my laptop. I barely ate, slept, or left my kitchen table where I had set up my writing station.

I had finally made friends with imperfection. I had cast off overwhelm. And I was inspired.

Because I had the freedom to chase whatever idea came to my heart, and the heart-knowledge that it would turn out just fine.

On February 14th, 2016, Valentine's Day, I released "Invited In" to the world. And although my launch was shaky and new, I feel so accomplished and proud of myself.

Because I created something. I finished something. I put something out there for my kindreds while putting my heart on the line.

And it was perfectly imperfect.